Dramadigs: Musik aus Musik (Doku)

Propo’88 & Blabbermouf: FTTOTS | Video


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Veedel Kaztro: Ich möchte nicht… | Video


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TODAJ #003: Mar 1 | Roxy | Colonge


Looking forward to the carnival edition on Saturday at Roxy. We have invited local talents like Hade and Gutta as well as friendly Buson from Southern Germany.


Hade | Melting Pot Music | Cologne
Gutta | BootyCall | Cologne
Buson | Munich Open Minded | Munich


What TODAJ #003
Mar 1
Time  11:00 pm
Venue Roxy, Cologne
Admission 6€
Facebook Event

DJ Day: Europe & Israel Tour 2014

Tour_Banner_480We are happy to have DJ Day back for another tour in Europe & Israel. Further information on each show on Facebook.

Sylabil Spill: Jan 15 | Studio 672 | Cologne

SS_Facebook-Event_Header_NEU_420“Steine & Zwiebeln” album release concert


Sylabil Spill | Retrogott | Twit One | Morlockk Dilemma | Lakmann One
Date Jan 15
Doors 8:00 pm
Live show 9:00 pm
Venue Studio 672, Cologne
Pre-sale 12€ plus fee via Dedicated Store, Groove Attack, Early Bird, Greatlive, Kölnticket
Box office 15€
Facebook Event

Sylabil Spill: “Handelzone” | Video

Welcome: Veedel Kaztro | Cologne (GER)

Veedel KaztroStep FWD Booking welcomes the Cologne MC Veedel Kaztro | Booking profil