What we do

We step forward and connect! We connect people and sounds, sounds and artists, artists and locations. It’s our love for music that keeps us moving. Music is an experience and a place where we come together.

There is no good music without soul. Soul is the most positive and creative energy that condenses emotions and thoughts we all share. The music we convey to you is based on this infinite truth. Beyond genres we promote artists that spark light and love.

Speaking of sound – it’s all fresh and unique! It’s soulful music, it´s analogue and it´s digital. What all of our artists share is their true dedication to music.

We book international bands, DJs, sound systems and vocalists for clubgigs, festivals, concerts, and tours on a european scale.

You are an artist:

  • we book gigs / tours for you in clubs and concert halls, on festivals and music events all over Europe
  • we promote you and your music on our website, including updated news, pressinfo, sound samples, links, pix and videos
  • we get you airtime on radioshows and establish press contacts
  • we supply promotional material (flyers, posters, web / digital and print)
  • we connect you with our photographer for individual pictures and further material
  • and support you in any technical or logistic matter

You are a concert promoter:

  • we book for you the most adequate artists, fitting perfectly with your location and profile
  • we take care of the design of promotional material

Who we are

We are a young team of bookers, eventmanagers, graphic-designers and photographers located in Cologne, Germany. Always on the run, spreading love and lookin´ for good vibes.

Step Forward Booking is mos definetely more than your usual day-to-day business: it is our dedication to soulful music, fresh art, unique performances and true poetry that keeps us working. We try to push the limits of the game with every step we take and every artist we promote. Promotion understood as love for the artist and love for his/her creative work.


Captain Borderline (Street Art)
ComeTogether Projekt

Debug Visuals (visual art)
Forvert (clothing & streetwear)
Goodlack (visual creation)
Groove Attack (record store, Cologne)
Herr Schulze (art & chaos)
Melting Pot Music (record label)
Undenk (Street Art)
Up My Alley (record label)
Waduh Kru (Worldmusic from Cologne)
Yeahzz (Jazz vinyls online store)

Zoo (bar, “Schänke”, Cologne)