Electro / Fidget /Techno / Bounce
DJ-Team and/or live-act

File under: Bring the Ruckus – Cologne’s most promising DJ/Producer-Team prepares for the final takeover. Despite having the same geographical background, DJ Hade and Brian Damage had somehow managed NOT to take notice of each other’s musical activities for the first 20 years of their lives. But as soon as they were introduced by a mutual friend, they created something that was more than just the sum of its parts: Westcoast G-Funk and Minimal Structures clashed with Filter-House in the darkest corner of the 36 Chambers where they teamed up with James Brown’s glitter pants…and, well, Phil Collins. What seemed contradictory became inseparable, egos lost their meaning and the connection itself became the concept: Ampersand (&)

Shortly after the birth of the group,  Ampersand moved to Cologne. DJ Hade released a digital EP on Montana records and they began playing DJ-Gigs when all of a sudden Belgium’s Techno-Ambassador Dr. Lektroluv spun their “Fake Motherfuckerz” tune at Pukkelpop festival.

According to the overwhelming reaction he decided to release the first Ampersand EP “Fake Motherfuckerz” on News Records/Lektroluv. The title track and the freaked-out video clip were an instant success within the international club scene and were supported by the likes of Andy George (Radio 1), Don Rimini, The Subs or The Music Factory (TMF).  Besides their monthly residency in Cologne, Ampersand have since then tore down the walls of venues in e.g. Zurich, Hamburg, or the “Summerfestival” in Antwerp. Right now they are busy working on their showcase and several remix projects, as well as putting finishing touches on their next release on Lektroluv Records “The Ruckus” which will see the light of day in early 2010.

Ampersand “The Mortal Wombat” September 2010 mixtape

Fracture – Energy (Ampersand Remix)

Ampersand – Fake Motherfuckerz

Ampersand – The Ruckus (Original)

Ampersand on BunchTV – Interview


Electro / Fidget / Techno / Bounce

Line up
Live Act / DJ-Team

Cologne, Germany

Lektroluv / N.E.W.S. Records
Ghent (BE)


BRZZVLL – “Sowhereto”
Remix by Ampersand on MPM

Next Dates


“Energy” (Ampersand Remix)
Melting Pot Music (Digi, 2010)

“Sowhereto” (Ampersand Remix)
Melting Pot Music (7″/Digi, 2010)

“The Ruckus”
Lektroluv / N.E.W.S. Rec (12″/Digi, 2010)

“Lies” (Ampersand Remix)
Kiez Beats (Digi, 2010)

“Undersand” feat. Underhall,
On the Fruit Records (Digi, 2009)

“Old Skool” (Ampersand Remix)
Idiot House (Digi, 2009)

“Fake Motherfuckerz”
Lektroluv / N.E.W.S. Rec. (12″/ Digi, 2008)

Press Kit

Info kit
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selected gigs 2010

Ampersand @ Lektroluv Label Night, Fuse Club, Brussels (BE)

Ampersand @ Ansarat Festival, Oud-Turnhout (BE)

Ampersand @ OHH! Club, Hype Club, Stuttgart (GER)

Ampersand @ Rheinrhythmik, Odonien, Cologne (GER)

Ampersand @ Nettokalt 5000, Rote Flora, Hamburg (GER)

Ampersand Live @ Stall 6, Zürich (CH)



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