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Brooklyn’s Soul ambassadeur

_MG_6638_200To get a sense of who Danny Akalepse is, you have to check his track record. Playing records since 1993 he came up as a Battle-/Party-DJ in Hip Hop’s Golden Era where it truly was your skill set that your reputation was based on. With more than two decades of djing under his belt, he has become highly respected in Soul, Funk, and Hip Hop circles the world over. Dividing his time in the early days of his career between radio, battles, DJing for Parrish Smith of EPMD, and collecting records developed both his ear and rounded out his skill set as a DJ.
Moving from Long Island to Brooklyn in 2000 Lepse started really pushing his mixtapes, selling more copies than a lot of indie-labels sell albums. These mixes landed him a ton of residencies, most notably an eight year two night a week gig at the now legendary APT in NYC. Sharing the bill with the likes of Bobbito, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, and his now partner in crime Rich Medina, Lepse’s fan base went through the roof. When APT closed its doors in 2009 ,Rich & Danny brought their Wednesday night to a new venue renaming the party PROPS, which they have since taken all over the US and Europe. When you hear Lepse dj, it’s a mix of new, unknown, and classic tunes spanning nearly all genres taking the party on a dynamic journey. An avid record collector, he has a library of easily over 20.000 pieces, so playing just typical tunes is out of the question. His ability to ignite dancefloors while pushing the listeners has put him on stage with the likes of KRS-ONE, Cypress Hill, Kenny Dope, DJ Spinna, Lord Finesse, J-Rocc, DJ Scratch, and Just Blaze to name a few.


Producing and recording longer than he’s been DJing led Danny to Brooklyn’s own Truth & Soul Records in 2006 where they recruited him immediately to run the label. With a roster including Lee Fields & The Expressions, Lady, EL Michel’s Affair and the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band he’s been able to use his ear to put out records in addition to playing them. Now Co-owner of T&S, he wears many hats from Label Manager to A&R, from Art Director to House-DJ. Opening another label on his own in 2012, Plane Jane is an imprint that represents a side of his musical taste outside the boundaries of T&S. DJing on the road all over the states and Europe for the past five years heavily, he continues to grow his brand and make his mark.



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Jan/Feb 2015

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