Hi-Hat Club

Dedicated to the art of beatmaking

„The Hi-Hat Club“ is the brainchild of Cologne based label Melting Pot Music and photographer Robert Winter, who joined forces in order to shine a light on the art of beat-producing and it’s most promising protagonists. „The Hi-Hat Club“ producer series started off with LP’s by Testiculo Y Uno (Twit One & Hodn), Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk & Fid Mella ans FS Green & Full Crate. The concept of combining their critically acclaimed neo-boombap with Robert Winter’s stylised black & white aesthetics was immediately embraced by the international beat community.

Since 2010 the Hi-Hat Club happens in the venues. The Hi-Hat Club offers a promising concept for Hip Hop club events: DJ sets combined with live producing, hosting and singing, highlighted by a photo exposition. The result is an integrated aesthetic of vision and sound, a live close-up of todays beat generation and a highly entertaining club night.

The Hi-Hat Club artist pool is composed of a variety of DJs, live-acts and singers. The multitude of the roster guarantees a fresh and always exciting line-up.

Hi- Hat Club, Oct 29 2010 @ Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Cologne

Beat BBQ, Aug 01 2009 @ Orangerie, Volksgarten (Cologne)

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1 – Testiculo y Uno (Snippet)

Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 – Suff Daddy (Snippet)

Hi-Hat Club Vol.3 – Dexter (Snippet)

Hi-Hatclub Vol 4. Brenk x FidMella


Hip Hop & Soul

DJ Pool
Testiculo y Uno aka Hulk Hodn & Twit One
Cologne | GER

Suff Daddy
Berlin | GER

Stuttgart | GER

Full Crate & FS Green
Amsterdam | NL

DJ Adlib
Cologne | GER

Cologne | GER

Melting Pot Music | GER

Next Dates

Mar 17, 2012
Berlin (GER)

Jun 16, 2012
Berlin (GER)

Sep 15, 2012
Berlin (GER)

Dec 15, 2012
Berlin (GER)


DJ Adlib – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 6
Haus & Garten (CD/LP/Digi, 2012)

Full Crate & FS Green – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 5
Eggs & Pancakes (CD/LP/Digi, 2010)

Brenk & Fid Mella – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 4
Chop Shop (CD/LP/Digi, 2010)

Dexter – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 3
The Jazz Files (CD/LP/Digi, 2010)

Suff Daddy – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2
Suff Draft (CD/LP/Digi, 2009)

Testiculo y Uno – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 1
(CD/LP/Digi, 2009)

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Dedicated to the art of Beatmaking