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Today and tomorrow were never closer to each other. Portformat is one step ahead with his sound and at the same time deeply seated in todays beat-culture. Perhaps it comes from him using synths straight outta Star Wars and mixing them with earthy bass-lines of the funky days of the 70s. Perhaps it comes from the drums saluting J.Dilla, while the melodies get extra-high, leering at Los Angeles. Sure is, that Portformat‘s sound would have make a cave man bounce and will teach an alien how to shake that booty.


In the meantime Portformat is touring the clubs of the presence: Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Prag report, that the sound of the Berlin-Citizen with senegalese roots will free your mind and heat up your behind. HipHop, Funk, R&B, Wonky,Post-, just forget it, call it Portformat and dance!


Portformat‘s first album was released in 2009. Already back then he introduced his sound, which mixed drifty Funk with R&B‘s melodies, HipHop‘s Beats and Techno‘s capability to build a climax. 2012 Portformat upped the ante, put more Soul up on his sound and pushed it to the presence and beyond. The likes of Dudley Perkins (Declaime), Georgia Anne Muldrow, Cherri Prince and Miles Bonny contributed to »Entropy«. Yep, the names claim it, the music confirms it: That album has the monopoly on groove!






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Portformat – Entropy
Tokyo Dawn (CD/Digi, 2012)

Portformat – The Repeat Factor
Tokyo Dawn (CD/Digi, 2009)


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