Welcome: Veedel Kaztro | Cologne (GER)

Veedel KaztroStep FWD Booking welcomes the Cologne MC Veedel Kaztro | Booking profil

Blabbermouf | Live

Pure Boombap Madness

Blabba_200_2The dutch rapper BlabberMouf stepped into the arena of rap in 2003. At that time he wrote his first rhmyes and was mostly hanging out in the park, cyphering with his crew Het VerZet. He steadily perfected his style of rapping and was soon building his name as an energetic live MC. In 2008 DJ & producer Propo’88 was introduced to Het VerZet by MC Astronout. (more…)

Portformat | Live

Digital Beatsmith Travelling Through Space


Today and tomorrow were never closer to each other. Portformat is one step ahead with his sound and at the same time deeply seated in todays beat-culture. Perhaps it comes from him using synths straight outta Star Wars and mixing them with earthy bass-lines of the funky days of the 70s. Perhaps it comes from the drums saluting J.Dilla, while the melodies get extra-high, leering at Los Angeles. (more…)

Dramadigs | Rap

Selbstironischer Hanseaten-Rap + eine Prise Jazz


»Großes Drama, kleines Tennis«: Die Dramadigs sind die Meister des Understatements. Dabei spielen die beiden Bremer Konfus und Tsnd Mrk inzwischen auf dem Center-Court des deutschen Rap-Spiels.


Announcing new artist: Fulgeance

We are most happy to announce that Fulgeance, the bustling French producer and live-beat wizard, is now part of our booking roster.

His long awaited debut album To All Of You was just released on Melting Pot Music.

Fulgeance – To All Of You (full album stream)

Aphroe | Live

German Hip Hop Legend

Als die “Juice” 2010, die 20 besten deutschen MCs kürten, belegte Aphroe Platz 11. “Aphroe war der leuchtende Stern der Ruhrpott AG. Er zeigte wie intelligent, komplex, poetisch, bildhaft und manchmal auch verschroben deutschsprachiger Rap sein kann. Seine Metaphern zu dechiffrieren, (more…)